Premarital Counseling & Assessment


Benefits of Premarital Counseling

· Learn how to stay in love.
· Learn how to communicate effectively.
· Explore predictible pitfalls.
· Understand your conflict style.
· Learn effective conflict resolution.
Premarital counseling is available to couples who want to learn certain skills that will enhance their relationship. It also will help couples pinpoint specific areas of conflict they may potentially encounter. Designed for couples that are contemplating marriage or other forms of commitment, Dr. Eli has designed an assessment to address important areas that couples should consider as they contemplate a more formalized commitment. Couples will explore the following growth areas:
  • Expectations for the relationship for the here and now and future
  • Expectations for family-of-origin involvement
  • Identify current communication barriers and constraints
  • Exploring role models for healthy relationships
  • Identify boundaries in the relationship and fostering trust
  • Determine healthy self-care and individual activities for each person in the relationship
  • Financial spending styles and expectations.
  • Household responsibilities, including finances, house chores, etc.
  • Assess the role of friends and other support systems
  • Examine spiritual values and finding common ground
  • Determine the role of sex in the relationship and how to increase sexual satisfaction
  • Assess parenting beliefs and whether or not to have children

Listen to Dr. Eli talk about important issues to discuss with your partner before marriage.
Pre-marital Questions Part 1
Pre-marital Questions Part 2
Pre-marital Questions Part 3
Pre-marital Questions Part 4
Pre-marital Questions Part 5

You schedule the dates and times that work for you. Each of the 50 minute sessions is designed to address the array of topics above and help create a positive start to a new life course with your significant other.

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