Couple Therapy

Although rewarding and fulfilling, any long-term relationship or marriage takes work! Couple therapy teaches partners the skills that promote trust, respect and an increased appreciation of each other. Most of us long to be understood and deeply valued by our partners, yet few of us have learned the skills to sustain this kind of relationship. Couple therapy offers pathways for increased intimacy while balancing the needs of autonomy for each individual. Couple therapy also teaches partners how to disagree, or “fight fair” in order to improve their relationship.
In couple therapy you have the opportunity to know yourself better, know your partner better, and change your negative interactional patterns. The primary function of a couple’s therapist is to improve how you and your significant other foster connection with each other, especially under emotionally charged or difficult circumstances. Some examples are:
· Making a decision about marriage, divorce or children.
· Navigating differences between you & your partner.
· Repairing ruptures in trust and commitment.
· Renewing intimacy and connection.
· Fighting over different solutions to a problem.
Dr. Eli explores and processes each partner’s core beliefs and value systems in order to promote shared understanding and meaning within the couple. As your ability to respond to each other grows more natural, supportive and genuine, you each feel more valued, more understood, and more connected to each other. Your conversations become more productive and intimate, instead of frustrating and futile.
Couple therapy will help you define your goals, develop loving, secure emotional attachments, and master the skills to improve your communication. Dr. Eli & Associates are committed to helping you and your partner work together as a team to solve problems, promote acceptance, and build intimacy in your relationship.

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