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What is MFT?
Fair Fighting 101: Taking a Time-Out (The Right Way)
Fair-Fighting 101: Practicing Active Listening
Erasing the Stigma Behind Therapy / How to Find the Right MFT
Getting Your Partner "On Board" with Attending Couples Therapy
Tips for Blended Families
Negotiating Boundaries with Challenging Family Members
Avoiding Drama at Family Gatherings
Caring for Aging Parents
Setting the Summer Schedule for Your Kids
Dispelling Myths About Couple & Family Therapy
Is Texting Helping or Hurting Your Important Relationships?
Discernment Therapy: Should I Stay or Should I Go?
How MFT's Help Individuals with Partner Selection: Online Dating Tips and Strategies
Viewer Calls: Tips for Your Troubled Couple & Family Relationships
Viewer Calls: Tips on Ending Relationships & the Value of Marriage Retreats
My Spouse is a Workaholic
Engaging Difficult Teens in Family Therapy
Living with Your ADHD Partner
How Can MFTs Help with Homework & Other School Issues?
Low Intimacy & "Sexless" Couples
Depression & Therapy: Should I Go Alone or Bring My Partner?
Adoptive Families
How Can a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT) Help Me?
Reducing Anger & Resentment Towards Your Spouse
Do Opposites Attract?
Failure to Launch
Single Parent Stress
Couples Struggling with Infertility
Finding Books and Other Good Resources For Couples
Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions

Viewer Calls: Avoiding Family Cut-off and Supporting Your Loved One with PTSD

Getting Ready for the Back-to-School Routine
Navigating Opposite Sleep Schedules in Your Relationship
"Help, My Friend is Dating a Married Man!"
Couples Therapy on a Budget
Disengaging From Conflict the Right Way
"How Do I Know If My Child is Old Enough to Stay Home Alone?"
Prevention as the Best Form of Intervention: Pre-marital Counseling
Worrying About the Whereabouts of Your College Son/Daughter
Feeling Threatened by Changes in Your Partner's Appearance
Is "Binge Watching" Ruining Your Relationship?
Split Loyalties: Caught Between Your Child & Your New Spouse
LMFT vs. Life Coach
Struggling with Sexual Confidence
"Why Do People Overshare?"
Stuck in the "Friend Zone"
Overprotective Fathers
Texting with My Teen
Relationship Transitions After the Birth of the 1st Child
Family Spring Break Planning
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
Viewer Calls: Combating Depression, Building Trust & Finding Commonalities With Your Partner
Deciding Whether or Not to End Your Relationship
Rituals of Connection
Dealing with Ambiguous Loss
Choosing the Right College: A Family Decision
"Who's the Boss? - My College Kid is Home For the Holidays"
Family Relationship Holiday Survival Guide
Coping with Grief & Loss During the Holidays
Navigating Family-of-Origin Differences in Your Romantic Relationship
Coping With Rejection
Feeling Overwhelmed & Isolated
Relationship Renewal: The 3 Points of Balance
Monitoring "Screen Time" for Your Teen
Sports Obsessed
"My Freshman is Failing . . . Should I Continue to Pay for College?"
The Family Impact of Problem Gambling
"Tough Love: How Can I Make My Adult Children Less Reliant on Me?"
The Role of Diagnosis in the Practice of Couple & Family Therapy
"Why Do Teens 'Cut' & Engage in Other Self-Harming Behaviors?"
Dealing With Physical & Emotional Cut-off in Adult Child/Parent Relationships
Repairing Trust in Long-Term Relationships
"My Teenager Has Graduated from High School, but Doesn't Have a Plan . . .Help!"
Dual Relationships: The Benefits & Challenges of Working With a Loved One
Viewer Calls: Finding Your With a Therapist & Dealing With Demanding Partners
After the Affair
Is Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) a Good Fit For You & Your Partner?
Emails Gone Awry: Regrets After Pressing "Send"
Viewer Calls: Avoiding Procrastination & Dealing With Your Current Partner's Insecurities About Your Ex

The AAMFT Podcast is an all-access pass to the latest news, developments, and thought leaders in the world of systemic therapy. Hosted by Dr. Eli, it strives to relate, educate, and innovate one episode at a time. The episodes explore topics that relationship-based therapists care about, and features unique conversations and interviews with established experts. The show provides information and education on direct practice and emerging trends in the MFT profession.
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Popular Relationship Myths
Couples  & Facebook
Fighting in the Car
Affairs, Finances & Football
Keeping Your Sex Life Alive
Talkin' Relationships with "Last Comic Standing" Lavell Crawford
Powerful Couples
Workplace Miscues / Religion in the Relationship
Common Intimacy / Sex Myths
After the Affair
May / December Romances
Money in Marriage
Criticisms vs. Complaints with Your Partner
"Me" vs. "We" Time
Dealing with Tough Teens
Good vs. Bad Compromise
Talking to Your Kids About 9/11
Couples and Crashing Stocks

No Secrets
Avoiding Holiday Stress
Dealing with Challenging Family Members Over the Holidays
Taking Personal Responsibility and Moving On After a Break-up
My Spouse Loves Sports More than Me
Surviving Family Vacations
Prepping for the Kentucky Derby: A Relationship Checklist
Financial Infidelity and Gambling
Summer Vacation Parenting Strategies
Back to School: Parenting a Middle Schooler
Coping with the Empty Nest
Is Twitter Hazardous to My Romance?
Avoiding a Political Impasse in Your Relationship this Election Season
Dating After Divorce
Raising Your Emotional Intelligence
Can Sleeping Apart Save Your Relationship?
The Art of the Apology
Finding the Freedom to Forgive
The Fine Line Between Being a Sports Fan vs. a Sports Addict
Couples and Tax Related Stress
Trying Too Hard to be the "Cool Parent"
Golf vs. Your Relationship
Netflix Adultery?
To Text or Not to Text?
Online Dating Trends
After the Kids Leave, Will We be Roommates or Soulmates?
The Fine Line Between Teaching a Life Lesson vs. Embarassing Your Teen
Are You S.A.D?: Tips on Dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder
When Mother's Day Hurts
When My Lazy Teen Won't Get a Summer Job
Surviving Summer Family Vacations
Recovering from Sexual Trauma
The Digital Detox
Ashley Madison Exposed
Preventing E-Venting
Avoiding Family Drama at the Thanksgiving Dinner Table
Holiday Guest Etiquette
Coping with Holiday Stress

Is Anxiety the New Midlife Crisis?

Can This Marriage Be Saved?

Couples Therapy for One
The Lonliness of the Empty Nest

Five Ways to Keep Your Family from Ruining Thanksgiving

Is "Sexting" Cheating?

Done Having Kids: His and Her Options
6 Marriage Mistakes Women Make




Money Magazine - Couples and Finances

How to Maximize Family Time on the Weekend

How to Get Your Man Healthy

The Kids are Gone: Now What?
Weighing in on "Eat Pray Love"
Commuting Pros and Cons
Avoid a Family Feud
Men's Grief
Establishing a Game Plan For Holiday Stress

Do You Suffer from Obsessive Trump Disorder?



Is Facebook Ruining Your Relationship?: An interview with Dr. Eli

How to Apologize Better

The Science of Heartbreak

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