Family Therapy

Families provide the foundation and structure that organize our lives. Families today are often challenged by monumental stress, conflict, and rapidly changing circumstances. It is within the family that we usually seek shelter and assistance. When families encounter behavioral or emotional difficulties, the entire system is troubled. Dr. Eli works with whole families as they struggle to adjust to:
· Drug or alcohol addiction
· Traumatic circumstances
· Family secrets
· A chronically depressed, injured, or aging member
· Depression, anxiety, and psychological disorders
Since a problem for one family member affects all members of the family system, each member can contribute to the resolution of family struggles. A family therapist’s function is to work with all the members of the family in various combinations to remedy the troubling patterns of interaction within the system. While minimizing blame, confusion and withdrawal, Dr. Eli will guide members through the complexities of family dynamics, promote clear communication, reveal diverse individual needs, navigate obstacles, and promote achievement of family goals.

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